As a boater all my life with circumnavigation experience I do know the importance of a clean tank and fuel. I clean every tank as if it was mine   and using the vessel offshore. The same work ethic applies to stand by generators and fuel storage tanks. Imagine this…A hospital generator fails after the main electrical power goes out and you are in the middle of major surgery. This is an extreme example but probable with dirty tanks and fuel. Such is true for any of our first responders: police, fire trucks and any emergency situation.

In a vessel with diesel fuel the filter should last 100 hours.  If you are changing filters with less than 100 hours your tank needs to be cleaned. (This is under running conditions – not at the dock).

Boaters First Choice has always given a guarantee for the cleaning of the tanks.  If we clean the tank and the problem still exists we will come back again at no charge. This happens on occasion but…I can count the times on one hand over 20 years of fuel tank cleaning in SW Florida.